The following are some of the kind words our clients have for us.
Jeanette Alba
Alba Catering
Mrs. Jeanette Alba the owner, once attended a seminar on how to advertise online. And the first line that the speaker said was that, “if you’re looking for something, i-google mo”, it was something that caught my attention. And I said to myself that I have to prove this, so I searched in Google looking for what I need. True enough, I found what I was looking for” because I was able to experience it myself, I knew that it was effective and so I decided to be in Google so that my potential clients will find my business also. Activa Media has done a great job in ensuring my company’s visibility in Google. For the past months, leads and inquiries are really coming in, sales are increasing as well. And this won’t be possible without Activa Media.
Mr. Alvin Paver
Mayad Studios
We realize the power of internet search especially Google. People who are looking for services like wedding videography will really search online, knowing that these people are already in need of our services conversion is really high. “And since we wanted to reach more people and be visible online, we know that this is the best way to do it” Activa Media never fails to attend to our needs, they were easy to ask inquiries. They have been very helpful in terms of guiding us on how to run our campaign properly. With their expertise in the industry they gave us the best keywords to use and what is more practical for us at the same time will work best for our business.
Mr. Geoffrey Lim
Automatic Centre
Given our limited budget we wanted to maximize the reach of our marketing programs. We wanted to attract the new customers through different channels and disseminate information to our existing customers to a more direct and interactive way of communication. We believe that Google is one of the most reliable Search Engines of which we can trust our Digital Marketing Venture. Activa Media’s customer service is fast and reliable. They provide accurate, transparent and on-time progress report. They ensure to manage our campaign budget very well, making sure that every centavo is well spent.
John Luke Chica
Head of Marketing
Google is definitely a good move for the brand. Especially pushing a viral campaign has helped pushed our products to focused target audience. The effectivity is surreal in terms of our viral videos, from only getting a few hundreds to less than a thousand views, now we are actually hitting higher numbers and we are expecting these numbers to grow more. Activa Media has been a real partner in our online marketing effort. Your group has constantly monitored our online activities and push us if we have missed any task that MyPhone needs to take. Activa Media never failed to provide full reports on a monthly basis.
Aimee Lagman
PR & Marketing Comm. Manager
Crowne Plaza Manila Galleria
Seeing that our hotel is in the first pages of Google gives us a sense of security that people see our property, meaning we are considered to be their hotel choice which eventually leads them to book in our hotel. What I appreciate about Activa Media is that we feel taken care of. They are very hands on and quick to act if we have inquiries and concerns. They don't loose touch of their clients. You feel their sincerity and concern in achieving your goal through their services. What is also important is that we trust them to deliver what is expected from them because they are accredited by Google.
Vanessa Bicomong
The Learning Library
I'm very happy with the results of our campaign with Activa Media, so much so that I have endorsed them to several education companies. If your product is high-value, the investment in Google search campaigns is very much worth it. We worked very hard on our website, and with Activa's help it's getting a lot of views and conversions. We had a bit of a learning curve during the launch, but the sales team service has been very good. We will definitely partner with Activa Media again in future campaigns.
Mr. Ely Ong Sue
General Manager
Century Chemical Corporation
We are very satisfied as our search marketing efforts were able to generate clicks and visit to our websites. By more people coming into our website, Google had helped us to be prominently visible in search that will make people remember our brand. We consider Activa Media as partners that care deeply for our brands. They are a great help to us as they provide recommendations that has great impact to our products.
Mayrick Esplana
Marketing Manager
Moderne Culinaire Academy
We decided to use Google Search Engine as one of our Marketing Campaign because we do believe in the power of the internet through Google. We personally use Google as the main search engine in the internet. Having this Google campaign is just amazing! It helped us a lot in acquiring new enrollees. We are thankful to Activa Media because they are the ones who introduced this media to us. We will definitely use this and work with them again.
Mr. Roger Te
Spectramind Systems Technology Inc.
One of Activa Media’s Account Executive came to us and introduces Search Marketing on Google. Knowing the benefits of the media we find it very interesting and effective in order for us to be ahead of other competitors, as so we immediately sign up for it. “Activa Media Philippines is very professional in handling our account. We get reports on time and we are happy with the results. More power to Activa Media Philippines”.